Chaga Mushroom Tea Recipe

Chaga Mushroom Tea Recipe

The popularity of chaga tea is a recent phenomenon. Chaga mushroom tea can boost immunity and improve digestion. It can also reduce stress.

This unique beverage is a standout for its powerful antioxidant content. It promotes optimal liver functions, increases energy and strengthens resistance to stress.

Benefits Of Chaga Mushrooms

Since ancient times, people around the globe have used mushrooms for both culinary and medicinal uses. Modern science has recently discovered these medicinal benefits. Chaga mushroom (Cinder Conk or Inonotus obliquus), is an edible, non-toxic fungus found on Birch trees in cold climates; although its surface may resemble burnt charcoal it contains powerful nutrients and antioxidants which keep our bodies functioning optimally.

Chaga tea can be a great way to reap the benefits of this superfood. It helps fight cancer, boosts metabolism and energy and is a powerful antioxidant. Antioxidants contained in Chaga can neutralize free radicals that lead to oxidative stress; beta D glucans help white blood cells quickly identify infections; while anti-inflammatory polysaccharides like inotodial and ergosterol peroxide provide anti-inflammatory support and betulinic acid is present (which comes from birch wood).

Chaga tea has a high content of calcium, iron, silicon, zinc, magnesium phosphorus and sulfate. One cup contains more potassium than a banana and more rubidium that green tea! In Petri dish experiments, it was also shown to kill the cancer cells. Chaga is therefore an attractive treatment option for hepatocellular carcinoma patients.

Chaga is a great addition to a healthy, balanced diet. It is safe for most people but those with bleeding disorders are advised to avoid it. As chaga can stimulate the immune system, it is not recommended for people with rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis or blood thinners. Also, pregnant or lactating women should avoid its consumption because it may have adverse effects on their immune systems.

Do you want to add Chaga Mussel Tincture as part of your tea collection? Try our Wild-Harvested Chaga Mussel Tincture. It is made from 100% mushroom fruiting body extracted using our dual extraction technique for maximum benefits. Add two droppers of the tincture to hot, boiled water and mushroom coffee review enjoy.

How to Make Chaga Mushroom Drink

Chaga or mushroom tea became a hugely popular beverage due its health benefits. It is known to treat cold symptoms, reduce inflammation, boost energy levels, and even fight cancer! Plus it’s simple and tasty like regular black tea; perfect if you want something different! If you’re looking for something new to try, this should be at the top of your list!

Chaga Tea is made using two methods. Chaga Extract powder is the fastest and cheapest method. Chaga Tincture, on the other hand, may take a little bit longer but will have greater long-term benefits. For maximum health benefits, both methods should be combined when drinking Chaga Tea.

If you use a chunk of Chaga, place it into a jar full of alcohol to extract water-soluble nutrients. Leave the jar for at least one month, occasionally shaking until the straining is finished. Then you can use the chaga to make mushroom brew.

Once your chaga is ready for production, check its surface for any impurities. These could be bugs or pollen. Once this step has been completed, remove any unwanted pieces using a foraging blade or a brush back of an Opinel. Next step should be grinding chunks down into smaller pieces using either a meat grinder or hammer; this will help them produce more coffee-like brew when cooked.

After your chaga pieces have been cut into smaller pieces, you will need to dry them on a warm, dry surface. This may take several days. Once they are completely dry, you can make your chaga mushrooms tea.

Tea brewed from chaga will have a strong woodsy and earthy flavor. It may be thick and dark, with bitter notes. Therefore, adding honey or sugar will make this drink more accessible to most people.


The Chaga mushroom, also known as the “superfood”, is considered to be a powerful superfood. It has been shown to boost immunity, improve overall health and slow down aging. This unique mushroom, whether consumed as tea, capsules, or tinctures, can help fight off many conditions and diseases, including cancer. Chaga mushroom tincture is one popular way to take advantage of its health benefits.

Chaga Tea is prepared by simmering dried chaga for a long period of time in hot or boiling water. It is similar to coffee in taste, but contains less caffeine and more medicinal effects. To get maximum benefits from each sip, you should only use the best ingredients when creating your drink. For optimal results, allow it to steep for at least one hour or for even stronger flavor some people prefer to simmer it up to eight hours.

The right ingredients are essential for making chaga tea. To achieve maximum benefit and reap all its rewards, we suggest using high-grade extract powder such as the Real Mushrooms Sacred 7 Chaga Tea which uses hot water extraction method to capture more of its bioactive compounds found within chaga mushrooms.

As well as using the Sacred 7 blend, you’ll also want to add something sweet like honey, agave nectar, maple syrup or another natural sweetener for an additional punch of flavor in your tea brew. All these options make for delicious cups of Chaga.

Consult with your physician to ensure that chaga mushroom tea is suitable for you. This is especially true if you suffer from any medical conditions or take medications that contain Chaga mushrooms.

Chaga tea consumption should be avoided by anyone with autoimmune conditions, such as systemic lupus or rheumatoid arthritis, because it can make the immune system more active and lead to additional symptoms. Women who are pregnant and nursing are also advised to avoid drinking the tea.


Chaga’s healing powers can be preserved through proper storage. Suppliers must prioritize product integrity and only sell Chaga after it has been properly prepared and stored.

As part of your endeavor, you must ensure that your chaga is dried properly prior to selling. Chaga is a natural moisture absorber, so to preserve its health benefits it should be completely dry and brittle. Chaga chunks or powder should be stored in a dark cool environment in an airtight container.

The exquisite chaga Mushroom Tea can stay in the refrigerator for a few days. It can also be steeped as many as five times to maximize enjoyment, provided that it retains an intense coffee-like colour. Chaga is a mushroom that can be frozen to make it last longer between brews.

To make Chaga Tea, first simmer the fungus in a pot for an hour. The longer the timer is set, the stronger and more potent your tea will be. Enjoy your brew and sweeten it with maple syrup or raw honey if you like.

If you’re short on time and don’t feel like making a big batch of tea at once, you can easily reheat individual servings of chaga using the microwave. Just be sure to remove it before it begins bubbling to avoid overheating it and losing its benefits.

As with any other food, it is important to only make what you plan to consume in the day following production. Chaga can turn rancid after too much time. This is important, especially with wild varieties that were not harvested by professionals. They may contain environmental contaminants that leached from their surroundings. For Zenco – organo gold coffee authorized distributor any questions or concerns with any chaga you may have, it’s a good idea that you seek professional advice. The best chaga suppliers want to help their customers achieve their health goals and will only recommend ingredients of the highest quality.

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